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The first moment I could see my future as a trans man or trans masculine person was...
When I realized I was trans I didn't know what trans was. I remember being on a family vacation in Italy in 2016 at age 15 and seeing myself in the reflection of shop windows. I used to only wear skinny jeans but because it was supposed to be really hot I wore boy's cargo shorts. I also wore a backwards baseball cap I bought in Rome. Seeing myself in the windows I perceived myself as male and realized how much more comfortable I felt. I also saw other boys my age during the trip and thought I could look like that . When I got home I found out that other people felt how I did too and began chest binding and changing my style to look more masculine.
Resources that helped me...
I had a difficult time getting the trans medical care I needed. The first endocrinologist I went to while I was under 18 did an interview with me but determined that I wasn't trans. After turning 18 though I managed to find a doctor who would provide me with testosterone with a note from my therapist. This endocrinologist suddenly disappeared a year later though but my trans friends in the area recommended a practice nearby that I've been using for the past 3 years. I also had difficulty getting top surgery. The first surgeon I went to accepted insurance but since my insurance sent me a letter reporting that they don't cover transsexual surgeries I had to wait even longer. A friend of mine underwent top surgery in early 2021 and helped me to get in contact with this surgeon. I was scheduled quite quickly due to a cancellation and had top surgery in September of that year. Most of my resources for my medical transition have come directly from other trans people so I owe a lot to the strength closeness and comradery of the trans community for me being able to actualize the future I saw for myself as trans.
Character drawings by Joey Borrelli.
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