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(He/Him/His, They/Them/Theirs)
The first moment I could see my future as a trans man or trans masculine person was...
I had a session with my healer who had me go DEEP. She shared with me that as young as the third trimester in the womb of my mother I made the choice to be born female at birth to become a trans non-binary man. That's when I knew the truth. Before that I was going back and forth and denying or doubting. From that moment onwards when I connected to the fetus version of myself I knew for sure I am a non-binary trans man.
Resources that helped me...
Therapy looking into myself and spirituality. I feel that it was necessary for me to transition myself SPIRITUALLY. I had gone to many support groups I went to LGBTQIA+ groups that centered on Depression and Anxiety being a Person of Color or Trans-ness. Those were important but none of them really addressed spirituality and how we may transition physically or try to change our world materially but our spirit needs to too.
Character drawings by Joey Borrelli.
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