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The first moment I could see my future as a trans man or trans masculine person was...
When I was coming out I wasn't sure there would be a future for me as a trans man. I remember seeing Original Plumbing magazine and seeing Rocco and Amos and realizing that I may be able to live a happy successful life and make a difference simply by living my truth. Exposure to Kylar Broadus Jamison Green Shannon Minter and Lou Sullivan gave me a new perspective and showed me that it was possible to have a future as a trans man.
Resources that helped me...
Initially YouTube helped me see I wasn't alone but it didn't specifically show me a future as many of the people I was in community with were younger than me. Original Plumbing was a huge resource for me as both the publication and its events which were some of my first times in a room with other trans people.
Character drawings by Joey Borrelli.
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