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Ovaettr AKA Orion Fern

(Xe/Xem/Xyr, They/Them/Theirs, He/Him/His)
The first moment I could see my future as a trans man or trans masculine person was...
When I found the first things mentioning nonbinary gender(s) and/or lack thereof on Tumblr in 2010, and learned, being educated by the community who generously shared so much. I finally found people who had the same experiences as me and were at odds with "being a girl/woman." I wasn't alone? And it had an explanation. I found myself in those blog posts, shimmering like a mirror to a future I could finally behold. I came out to myself in 2012, and out to the public in 2014 as a genderqueer trans masculine person / nonbinary before finding i was also a trans man by around 2016.
Resources that helped me...
A gender clinic in the big city I attended college in saved my life, as it was the first step towards becoming who I really was meant to be in 2017. And I was taken seriously for saying I was a non-binary guy with strangers for the first time, without a doubt, and received my hormones after one appointment with the doctor who asked questions of me. I felt safe to explore my gender and that I had something worth living for after years of suicidal thoughts with no explanation. I also had the ability to get my mental health meds from the same doctor, who enabled me a future - i finally graduated college after 10 years of struggle, and started doing art commissions after getting on hormones. I COULD be the artist I dreamed of being because of my transition saving my life.
Character drawings by Joey Borrelli.
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