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The first moment I could see my future as a trans man or trans masculine person was...
I was 3 years old when I knew I was different. I had an old brother and 3 old cousin. I looked up to them and my dad so much. I wanted to me strong like them, look like them. I felt like my body wasn't right. I came out as a lesbian at 13 and was out with my family. At age 22 I went to a local bar in little rock arkansas and I met a trans drag king abs Hart and he changed my world. I got to see first hand I could live my authentic life. So I took my own leap of faith, came out as trans to my family and made everything happen for me with amazing family support.
Resources that helped me...
Meeting other transmen that were out and visible, talking to them and learning from them helped me not feel alone and help me make all the questions in my head clear.
Character drawings by Joey Borrelli.
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